Empowered communities

The last Labor State Government dropped the ball when it came to good planning policy. We were seen as being in bed with developers and ‘Part 3A’ style impositions were all blamed on the ALP.

Labor must develop policies that will empower local people to control their own communities. We must concentrate our efforts on creating liveable, human scale communities, with good sporting fields, welcoming, safe streets, wheelchair and pram friendly footpaths and roads.

My street has 3 houses on it and 16 blocks of flats. My son is only a baby, but soon he’ll need somewhere to play other than our two-bedroom flat. Labor should be about giving people in those flats a proper say over what happens in their area.

Entire Sydney suburbs have been consumed by corporations; Hornsby, Hurstville, Bondi Junction, Parramatta etc. This madness privatizes public space, forces people to spend their lives as car-driving consumers instead of community citizens, and mostly we are powerless to stop it.

Labor should be about giving that power back to working people, to let them decide what the priorities are in their areas. If some communities make mistakes, let democracy work its magic. Labor should not be pinned as the Party of over-development, but as the Party of the people.


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