Voting has started! How to vote Luke Whitington for NSW Policy Forum



1. Get your ALP membership number

2. Grab your mobile phone

3. Click here

And vote 1 Luke Whitington!

Step by Step:

As this is a new ballot, many members don’t know how it works, so here is a step by step guide to voting in the NSW Labor Policy Forum election.

1. You’ll need your Party Membership Number (on your Party card), a computer with an internet connection and a mobile phone*. (If you don’t have these call Head Office on 9207 2000 and request a postal ballot.)

2. Go to any time between 9am Monday 17th October and 5pm Monday November 7th.

3. Enter your name, ALP membership number, your email address and a mobile phone number.

4. You will then receive a text message to the mobile number you entered (it doesn’t have to be the number the Party has for you).

Type this PIN in to the website and you will see a screen with the candidates names on it.

5. Select your candidates by clicking on the box next to their name. It will automatically number the first one you click with a number 1, then a number 2 for your next choice, all the way up to 63 (if you want to go that far, its optional preferential, so can number as many squares as you like).

If you make a mistake, click on the box of the candidate you accidentally chose and the number in their box will disappear.

6. Finish up by hitting VOTE.

7. Tell your friends and fellow branch members to get online and vote!

* You can use one mobile phone number two times to receive a unique PIN, so if your partner or friend doesn’t have a mobile they can use yours.


Thank you!



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