Why I’m running for the NSW Labor Policy Forum

I’m asking for your support for the NSW Labor Policy Forum because I want to help rebuild Labor through a politics of conviction and grassroots organising.

If the Policy Forum is to achieve its purpose we need it to produce identifiably Labor policy, rooted in Labor values. I want our policies to be more left wing, more genuinely Labor.

We won’t win back people if we just offer the best managerial skills and bureaucratic oversight of services or infrastructure.

We need to have a vision that people can invest in and support. In my experience when you offer a vision of local democracy, good education for all, and fairness at work, people jump at the chance to take up the fight.

We need policies that are eye catching, popular and truly express Labor’s mission of equality and fairness for all. We need policies that we can be proud of, that we can organise around, and that differentiate us from the conservatives.

For too long we’ve been afraid of our own shadows, too concerned about conservative commentators and economic and bureaucratic orthodoxies.

If elected I will stay true to Labor principles in all policy areas- I will not vote for privatisation, corporatisation or anything that attacks the rights of workers.

I have five broad areas that I want to address, under the headings
Economy – Equality- Education- Environment- Empowerment. I think they are key to our recovery and re-election. I will post separate blogs on these as the campaign continues.


About lukewhito

Politics, history, cricket, rugby league, bodysurfing. Kids and family. Love it all.
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