Your ideas for the Policy Forum

Thank you for your support in the NSW Policy Forum election.

As you may know I am running on a straightforward platform of making the Party’s policies more left wing- more genuinely Labor.

So how can we do that?

Below are some of the things that I have proposed and that members have been talking to me about. But this post is about you and your ideas, so…

What are your ideas?

Write them in the comments section below.

Here are some to get you thinking:

I have proposed some policy ideas that I would like to see adopted for the 2015 NSW Labor Manifesto (the Forum’s job is to produce this Manifesto, for approval by State Conference) and implemented by the next State Labor Government.

They include:
Free pre-school for all kids over three
Masters with Masters (giving all teachers postgrad teaching degrees and paying them accordingly)
A Human Rights Act for NSW
Changes to planning laws to give locals a say over their area, so that we can have liveable communities.
Supporting a boom in local manufacturing jobs producing sustainable energy and energy saving products.

Some ideas I’ve just had conversations about, but haven’t put out via email or video include:

Changing the State Flag to something that most people can actually recognise and that realy represents us as a society.

Dealing with the disadvantage and inequality caused by crippling debt problems associated with State Debt Recovery Office debts- ideas such as swapping debt for community service and using good behaviour bonds to get people back into employment. (Some of this has been trialled.)

Banning disposable plastic bags in NSW.

The list goes on, but this is your chance to have a say, so go for it!


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5 Responses to Your ideas for the Policy Forum

  1. Ban smoking! I’m sick of my health and the health of my baby being endangered by toxic, carcinogenic, second-hand tobacco smoke!

  2. Andrew says:

    While there are some good ideas listed here, transport is the number one thing that irritates most people I talk to and myself. In fact one of my friends emigrated from Sydney because his job, which requires a great deal of driving, was unbearable in Sydney.

  3. lukewhito says:

    I agree transport is a big issue, I suffer the same frustrations on a daily basis, I just don’t think it’s going to be a priority for Labor to talk about it at the next election. We made such a hash of it last time- at least in the eyes of the public- despite many good things being done, that I think we’re better off concentrating on things that express our values and meet the values and the interests of the people of NSW. Thanks for commenting- you get a prize for being the first person to do so that doesn’t live with me!

  4. Janet says:

    This is a Federal issue, but I am really disgusted at the amount of Austudy students are paid to study full-time. Less than $200 a week is not enough for anyone to live on. How are people to go on to become useful educated members of society when they are expected to starve for three or four years (or work so much at a part-time job that they have no life)? We need doctors, teachers, speech pathologists & thinkers. Couldn’t we encourage them, just a little bit?

  5. lukewhito says:

    The State Govt can do more to encourage equitable access to tertiary education. A friend recently told me of her experiences in Moscow where students are actively encouraged through concessions and discounts to be part of the society and culture. we could start by giving international students transport discounts, but there is a lot more to do, especially when so many are living on Austudy are effectively living below the poverty line!

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