NSW Labor Policy Forum Meeting- Saturday Feb 16 2013


The next meeting of the NSW Policy Forum is on Saturday Feb 16 2013 at 10am-3pm, at the USU Buidling, Level 7, 321 Pitt St, Sydney.

All ALP members are welcome to attend.

Here’s the agenda:



Welcome  – Michael Lee


John Robertson






John Robertson to introduce guest speakers 

Guest speakers

Tim Williams and Sean Macken



Discussion and feedback



Morning tea



Education and Equality Commission report

Carmel Tebbutt and David Harris



Discussion and feedback



Growth in the Regions Commission report

Steve Whan



Discussion and feedback















Jobs and the Economy Commission report

Michael Daley and Mark Lennon


Questions and discussion


Healthy Living Commission report

Dr Andrew McDonald


Questions and Discussion



Policy Forum: progress to date and the way forward

Jo-anne Schofield and Daniel Mookhey



Commission meetings



Room available until 3.00pm


The NSW Policy Forum is moving into a ‘second cycle’ of producing policies and consulting with Party members, the community and stakeholders. There have been some excellent public forums, on Jobs and the Economy, on Education and Equality, and most recently, on Housing. I attended all three and they were all very useful and informative, well attended and thought-provoking.

So far though, there hasn’t been a lot of progress on how the Policy Forum formally includes motions from ALP Branches, ideas from individuals or on how it receives feedback. The ALP website (nswalp.com/policy-forum-election/) still seems to be under construction, with no avenue for leaving feedback on the terms of reference for each Policy Commission. I’m looking forward to hearing how these things have progressed, if at all, at the meeting.

One thing I can report on is that my boss, Peter Primrose MLC, has been appointed NSW Opposition Policy Co-ordinator. As part of that role, he has met with WA and Victoria’s Opposition Leaders to discuss their policy development processes. I was lucky enough to accompany him to the meeting with the Victorians, and learnt a lot about how they’re approaching their policies. Without divulging any confidences, I can heartily endorse the Victorian Leader’s commitment to using Government purchasing power to support local manufacturing in textiles and cars which he announced at their last State Conference.

Let me know if you need any more information about the NSW Policy Forum or the Jobs and the Economy Policy Commission. 


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