“Labor to privatise…” or “Labor to build…”? Have your say!

We need your help to rebuild Labor in NSW.

Answer these 10 questions to help write Labor’s policy on Jobs and the Economy for the 2015 election.


The big questions: How to pay for infrastructure and services? What role does the State Government have in creating jobs in a free market, globalised economy? Should taxes be raised or cut?

The NSW Labor Jobs and the Economy Policy Commission has created this survey so that rank and file members can have a say on Labor’s 2015 election policies.

And remember if you don’t express your view, people who disagree with you may win the argument!

So take the survey now.


And pass it on to your friends, family and fellow Branch members.

For what it’s worth, my priority for Labor’s 2015 Election Policy is that it directly and expressly addresses the crisis of inequality gripping Australia and every other major economy.

1. Inequality is personally and morally repugnant, and a repudiation of the best aspects of our cultures and traditions.
2. It is economically inefficient, a drag on growth, creating a timid, fearful and housebound society.
3. Economic inequality feeds conflict based on class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

As such, a NSW Labor Government must use every lever at its disposal to reverse the 30 year long trend toward ever greater economic inequality. Every policy must be tested against its tendency to exacerbate or combat inequality. Parliament must be provided with inequality impact statements. Each bureaucracy must justify decisions and show progress against equality goals. Measurements like the Gini coefficient of inequality must be monitored like we do GDP and the Aussie dollar.

I believe if NSW Labor makes that commitment then other decisions on taxes, debt, infrastructure and procurement will follow.

I also think it will allow us to organise out of the political chasm in which we find ourselves.

But that’s just my opinion. Take the survey and tell us yours!


As always, if you’d like to have a conversation about Jobs and the Economy Policy, or any other matter, you can contact me in myriad ways.

Ph: 0422 265 775
Email: lukewhitington@gmail.com
My blog: lukewhito.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Luke-Whitington/254126467943973?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LukeWhito

Also the Jobs and the Economy Policy Commission has its terms of reference here: http://www.nswalp.com/nsw-labor-policy-forum/jobs-and-the-economy/

Thanks, and all the best,

Luke Whitington

Rank and File Member of the NSW Labor Policy Forum, and the Jobs and the Economy Policy Commission


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Politics, history, cricket, rugby league, bodysurfing. Kids and family. Love it all.
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