NSW Labor Jobs and Economy policy resources

(Secretaries and activists please copy and forward this post on to your Branches/SECs etc)
Thanks to all the Branches/SECs/FECs that have hosted me for the presentation of the NSW Labor Jobs and Economy Policy Survey results! I feel like I’ve been everywhere (man), but there are dozens of Branches I haven’t been to, so here are links and resources that I hope will enable you to discuss and pass resolutions regarding NSW Labor’s jobs and economy policies.
I am still available to come to Branches and present the results.
You can also print out the survey for members who don’t use email and post it back to me- I’ll enter their answers manually.
Here are the slides for the presentation of the results of the survey- they really need an explanation, but they may assist in discussion- Jobs and the Economy survey FINAL 
Every Branch has asked great questions and this email contains links to many of the topics raised.
For starters here is the current 2011 NSW ALP Policy book (there is no 2012 or 2013 book). ALP Policy Book 2011 (also here
 file:///D:/My%20Documents/Downloads/Policy%20Book%202011%20(1).pdf )
Rule changes and Policy Platform Changes to be considered at Annual Conference must be received by the Party Office by 12noon Friday 2 May 2014. All other Annual Conference agenda items must also be received by the Party Office by 12noon Friday 9 May 2014.
I strongly encourage Branches to pass motions about jobs and economic policy as soon as possible and send them in to Head Office, the NSW Leader’s office and to the Shadow Treasurer. (And to me, if you like!).
ALP website- Jobs and Economy Terms of Reference
NSW Gini Coefficient (higher/worse than Australia’s)
“Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?”- Peter Whiteford
‘Robin Hood’ or financial transactions tax
NSW Financial Audit 2011 “The Lambert Review
State taxes insufficient- page 10
“Over the period 1991-92 to 2010-11,
revenue as a proportion of GSP has declined from 13.9% to 12.6%. This raises issues
about the ability of the State’s revenue base to adequately fund recurrent and capital
expenditure growth. “
Lambert review analysis- SMH
Wealth inequality in UK
Banned TED Talk- Rich people don’t create jobs, Nick Hanauer
Richard Wilkinson
How economic inequality harms societies TED talk
Wealth inequality in the US- perception vs reality
Robert Reich
Inequality is real, it’s personal, it’s expensive and it was created
Robert Reich – The 7 Biggest Economic Lies
Robert Reich- Why taxes have to be raised on the rich
Tax the rich- an animated fairy tale
Joseph Stiglitz interview on ‘The Price of Inequality’
IMF Paper says inequality a drag on growth
AMWU urges Westinghouse to stay in Orange
NSW State Budget Papers
Infrastructure deficit estimates
Journal of Australian Political economy
NSW Parliament Social, public and affordable housing enquiry (submissions encouraged!)
Australian Senate inquiry into affordable housing (very interesting submission by Prof Saul Eslake)
NW Rail link steel
Ms Berejiklian said the North West Rail Link was not only the biggest transport infrastructure project in Sydney since the Harbour Bridge, it was bigger than the bridge.“More steel will go into the North West Rail Link than was used to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge almost a century ago,” Ms Berejiklian said. “Almost 70,000 tonnes of steel will be used. That’s about 20,000 tonnes more steel than was used in the construction of our famous bridge
No local steel in NW Rail link- AMWU
Question in Parliament by Peter Primrose on local steel in NW Rail link
Please feel free to add other resources and links in the comments- especially ones that could help Branches discuss resolutions.
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