Shorten backs rank and file vote in Senate preselections- huge win for Party reformers

In today’s speech on ALP reform, Bill Shorten went much further than the ‘leaks’ suggested. He has backed giving members a say on Senate preselection, something that has been opposed by NSW ALP General Secretary Jamie Clements.

Shorten said:

“Local Labor voices need to be heard in Senate selection across Australia – and the first steps must be taken now.

I have instructed our National Secretary to work with the National Executive and the Western Australian Labor Party to recommend the best way of giving local party members a meaningful say in the selection of Senate candidates.

We will be setting a new standard for selecting Labor Senators.

Our work in Western Australia will be used to inform our other State branches in allowing local members to contribute to Senate pre-selection nationally.”

ALP members all around NSW have been passing motions at local meetings demanding a say on Senate and NSW Upper House preselections. Now, with Shorten’s imprimatur, it will be much harder for the opponents of reform to resist the growing tide of support for real democratisation.

Shorten’s full speech is here:


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