Prog. Eco. Pol. Net.


Progressive Economic Policy Network!
NSW Labor has reconstituted the Economic Policy Committee. There are 10 people on it. But there are many, many more people interested in economic policy in the NSW Labor Party. If you’re reading this, I think you may be one of them.
So what to do? How to give people a say and an opportunity to push for better policy?
Presenting- Prog. Eco. Pol. Net.

A network of people who want to do three things:
1. Write and develop quality economic policy.
2. Produce interesting things that explain that policy, like papers, posters, t-shirts, videos, memes etc.
3. Go out and organise, agitate, educate and promote those policies, by visiting branches and attending Conferences, hosting seminars and lectures, signing people up and giving them the low down.

Are you keen(s)?
We’re open to anyone who wants to make a difference. We’ll have a meeting/teleconference before Christmas. Would you like to come? Let me know.

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Politics, history, cricket, rugby league, bodysurfing. Kids and family. Love it all.
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