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In reply to Liam Hogan on UBI

Liam Hogan at http://orangejuiceandryvita.com/88/ubi kindly and thoughtfully responded to my request to write something on a UBI. His musings did not disappoint – thoughtful and well written as always. But wrong! Here is my response. I can’t figure out how to … Continue reading

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Universal Basic Income

Originally posted in Challenge Magazine http://www.challengemagazine.com.au/universal_basic_income?recruiter_id=15520 Universal Basic Income NSW Left member and Deputy Chair of the NSW Labor Economics Committee, Luke Whitington, explains Universal Basic Income What is an unconditional/universal basic income? A ‘UBI’ is a simple idea – … Continue reading

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Draft Motions on Jobs and the Economy (with an update for 2018)

Here are series of potential policy motions that Branches and SECs could put forward to conference if they so choose. Please amend them at your discretion. If you disagree with them, you could change them to ‘NSW Labor will NOT…’ … Continue reading

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Equality, part 1.

You don’t hear much about equality as a policy aim these days. You might hear ‘equity’ or ‘social justice’. The PM talks about equality of opportunity. But I am interested in good old fashioned equality. “Egalite” as the French say. … Continue reading

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