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The Dismissal Dossier by Jenny Hocking – a Review/Summary

November is always about Melbourne Cup, Remembrance Day and of course the anniversary of The Dismissal. Many comrades may have not yet read The Dismissal Dossier by Jenny Hocking. It really is a remarkable piece of work, exposing, inter alia, … Continue reading

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In reply to Liam Hogan on UBI

Liam Hogan at http://orangejuiceandryvita.com/88/ubi kindly and thoughtfully responded to my request to write something on a UBI. His musings did not disappoint – thoughtful and well written as always. But wrong! Here is my response. I can’t figure out how to … Continue reading

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Universal Basic Income

Originally posted in Challenge Magazine http://www.challengemagazine.com.au/universal_basic_income?recruiter_id=15520 Universal Basic Income NSW Left member and Deputy Chair of the NSW Labor Economics Committee, Luke Whitington, explains Universal Basic Income What is an unconditional/universal basic income? A ‘UBI’ is a simple idea – … Continue reading

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World awake to neoliberal failure, Australia carries on as though the Great Recession never happened

The defining feature of Australian politics since the collapse of the global financial system in 2008, and the subsequent unraveling of the neoliberal consensus  that has ruled policy makers’ minds since c.1980, has been our studied and willful ignorance of … Continue reading

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No more privatisations, no more tax cuts for the 1%! Speech to NSW Labor Conference 2014

Here is my speech to the NSW Labor State Conference. I tried, with the 4 minutes that I had, to be as faithful as possible to the hundreds of conversations that I have had with ALP members and supporters since … Continue reading

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Shorten backs rank and file vote in Senate preselections- huge win for Party reformers

In today’s speech on ALP reform, Bill Shorten went much further than the ‘leaks’ suggested. He has backed giving members a say on Senate preselection, something that has been opposed by NSW ALP General Secretary Jamie Clements. Shorten said: “Local … Continue reading

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Draft Motions on Jobs and the Economy (with an update for 2018)

Here are series of potential policy motions that Branches and SECs could put forward to conference if they so choose. Please amend them at your discretion. If you disagree with them, you could change them to ‘NSW Labor will NOT…’ … Continue reading

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